Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Rest is Silence

Time for Name That Quote!!! Anyone know where the title comes from???? Yes! It is Hamlet!!!! (Just before he dies... er, tragic. This is not a tragic post though!)

Where to start? I know I haven't updated since Monday, so I should start there I guess. Nothing major happened. I went to work. I came home. Boring. Except for the BEAUTIFUL weather we've been having. Seriously, it's been mid to high 70s and sunny for days.

St. James's Park

What a beautiful day!

They're getting the procession route ready
for the wedding

Tuesday I saw Clybourne Park, a show about racism and such that just won a Pulitzer prize. I was more amused by Liz and my meat buns in Chinatown than this play, but whatevs. I saw it. If anything, this semester has taught me I am definitely a musicals girl. Not just Phantom, but musicals in general.

Wednesday was fun. My coworkers took me out to a pub to celebrate that next week is my last week at my work placement. I got to play with Noelle's dog Spud. Fun times. Then I met up with Sarah at the National Theatre to go to a Q&A with Danny Boyle and the stars of Frankenstein, one of the best plays I've seen this semester. Though we did get back quite late, since we went to the stage door and STILL DIDN'T MEET THEM... Frustration. Oh well.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Johnny Lee Miller and Danny Boyle at the Q&A

My frustration was quickly assuaged however, by Thursday. After being pretty focus and on my game in International Business and suffering through The Browning Version in my Drama class, it was time for me to venture once again to see a show. Ok, for real, don't judge me because you can probably guess what show this ended up being.

If you said Phantom of the Opera, you are indeed correct. I know. Surprise, surprise. In my defense, I hadn't seen the alternate Christine yet, so I had to check her out! I've now seen a total of 4 Christines, 2 Phantoms and 1 Raoul. Apparently Will Barratt never has holidays or gets sick.

With Will Barratt, Sarah and Adrienne (she's never seen the show and LOVED it)

With Tabitha Webb, the alternate Christine. She was great! She's even shorter than I am!

I also accidentally got John Owen Jones mobbed... It went down like this:

  • well there was a group of students and he like walked out, paused for a second, nobody said anythign then started walking away
  • so i scurried after him, caught up and said 'excuse me john, can you sign this!?' and he started to and I was like 'sorry to chase you' and he was like 'oh, that's ok. Nobody recognizes me' then he got mobbed cause they realized that I knew who he was and he was the phantom

^That was taken from a Facebook message to Cesca. I just wanted his autograph... Sorry John!

And I am forewarning you I am seeing it again, but it is special this week. I can't say on this blog why but if you know me you might be able to guess, or ask my parents. My dad guessed it right off the bat. It is pretty much amazing so I'm super excited.

Phantom aside, this weekend has been great.

Andrea was restless on Friday night so we decided to go play night games in Green Park. Which is a bit scary, but the park is basically empty. I learned that I can disappear when I dive into semi tall grass, and that if you hide in a bush your friends might lose you and then think you got kidnapped so they run through the park shouting for 10 minutes but they're so far away you don't hear them for a while. (Mom, don't worry, it was still pretty lit up). Fun times, though I was a bit sore from launching myself to the ground and diving into grass. Totally worth it.

Saturday was another win day, hence, finally, the title of this post. As it was April 23rd, Shakespeare's presumed birthday, Sarah and I decided that we should finally visit the Globe. So we took a very informative tour about the Globe and Shakespeare's time. The theatre that stands now is actually the third Globe theatre, and is a replica of what they suspect it was in Shakespeare's time, though they don't know for certain.

Queen Elizabeth

Timeline of Shakespeare and the Globe

You're basically always quoting Shakespeare

Model of the Globe

It actually is a lot smaller in person than I would have thought, but apparently they can fit about 1600 people in it Our tour guide was explaining how it is supposed to be as authentic as possible, so there is no roof and there is a section for people to stand. The standing room tickets cost £5. £5!!!!! Obviously we couldn't pass this up, so we headed over to the  box office after and scored 2 standing room tickets to Hamlet next weekend. I'm seeing a Shakespearean play at the Globe!!!!! So excited!!!!!!!!!

How beautifully blue the sky!

The top of the stage. It represents heaven and has the
signs of the zodiac painted on it

Our awesome tour guide in front of the stage

That's about it for this post. I want to make a separate one for what I did on Easter. Can you believe I have 2 weeks left, and that's it? Thankfully, I don't have to work tomorrow. Thank you, UK bank holiday. 

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