Sunday, April 24, 2011

There'll Be Bluebirds Over the White Cliffs of Dover Tomorrow, Just You Wait and See

Guess what this post is about?????

That's right! It's about DOVER!!!!!!!!!!! Whooo!!!!!!

As our last trip out of London for the semester, Sarah and I decided to hit up some cliffs for fun. After a creep-tastic old man stared at me on the train for about an hour and a half, we got off at Dover Priory without a plan. Cause we figured, the cliffs will be easy to see right? They'll be easy to get to. Unfortunately, there's a certain path you have to find, and after many road crossings and confused glances at maps that turned out not to be maps, plus a nice stroll along the waterfront, we found the lovely (and incredibly tiny path).

Castle on the cliff!

The Funky Monkey. Too bad it wasn't open
or I totally would have gone there

beautiful waterfront

Sarah was wary of falling rocks

The tiny path!

Now, the weather channel site lied to me hardcore on this one. It told me it would be about 63 degrees. Sarah and I also assumed that since we were going to be you know, on cliffs above the ocean, that it would be windy and a bit chilly. So I wore jeans. BAD IDEA. It was probably about 75 and sunny, plus hiking up a cliff wasn't exactly light exercise, though it was nothing compared to Arthur's Seat. Once we got to the top though, it was lovely. I actually think that the harbor ruins the beauty, because it isn't a very pretty port. and I think it is more impressive to be looking at the cliffs than to be on top of them, but oh well. It was worth it.

Walking along the cliffs

Scaling some cliffs. No big deal
view from the waterfront of the cliffs

Kind of ruins the view

So magnificent

Quite a hike, but I've had worse this semester!

To celebrate Easter with my Jewish flatmate, we brought some food and had a picnic on top of the east cliff. In honor of easter, I brought along some Cadbury mini eggs. Delicious. We hiked around a bit, explored the town (which is rather tiny but adorable) then hopped on the train back to London (sorry dad, the ferry was a bit too steep for our limited end of semester budget).

Delicious and beautiful way to spend Easter

We left our mark. Don't worry.
This is Stuart. We befriended him at the train station

2 weekends left in London. Are you for real!?!?!?

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