Sunday, May 1, 2011

How All Occasions Do Inform Against Me!

And spur my dull revenge!

Kidding. My revenge isn't dull. In fact, I have no revenge to speak of! Everything is just reminding me that it is almost time to go home and I'm a bit sad about that. This was my last major touristy weekend I suppose, as next weekend will be spent saying goodbye, packing, and getting last minute things in order for going home... 

I can't say I'm completely depressed, since there are things I miss about home and I can't wait to see my family and friends. 

Anyway, I suppose I should update you on my last couple of days. 

Saturday, as you may remember, was the day that Sarah and I got some prime five pound tickets for Hamlet. Now, I know what you're thinking. Standing? For Hamlet?

Well, this version was the slightly abridged 2.5 hour Hamlet as opposed to the full length over 3 hour one. So that was good. Now I know a hawk from a handsaw.

Disaster almost struck as the planned Tube engineering work nearly derailed our course, but Sarah and I figured out an alternate route and had a lovely walk along the river before getting to the show with a few minutes to spare. After doing a bit of polite shoving and weaving, we got a space that was about 3 people back from the stage and slightly off centre. Now, for a short person, I wouldn't recommend standing room because it is a bit difficult to see but it was a good time. 

My feet didn't think so, mind you, but it was cool since I haven't seen Hamlet on stage since I saw it at Delaware Park before Freshman year of high school. Hamlet was really short but really good. It was a pretty comedic version, you know, till the end scene when everyone dies. Then it isn't so funny. 

What was annoying was that since the Globe is located pretty close to Central London, the air traffic was pretty  heavy. As in about every 10 minutes a plane or helicopter was flying overhead and since the actors don't use microphones for amplification it was sometimes difficult to hear.

Other fun occurrences included a pigeon landing on stage during the scene where Laertes is despairing over Ophelia's craziness/Ophelia's death. It was funny cause you could tell the actors wanted to laugh but they couldn't because it was a really intense scene.

The show was also really well done because there were only about 9 actors who doubled or tripled up characters (except Hamlet). They even changed costumes on stage sometimes! It was really well rehearsed, because that could go really wrong really fast. 

Sorry, a bit short on pics this post
This is the Globe!

Sarah and I tried to stage door after and we ended up talking with this other guy for like an hour. We were the only ones there and NONE of the actors came out. Which has to be like the worst stage door record ever. 9 actors and we met none. Though missing the Frankenstein actors comes close too.

All in all, I wouldn't probably not stand again since I am short, unless I got there super early and got a spot where I could lean on the stage. It was a great experience to be a groundling for a day (especially since Hamlet makes fun of them in one of his speeches). It was a wonderful experience for the English dork inside of me and someday I hope to share the experience with others when I return to London. Because I will be back sometime in the future!

Sunday (today)  I met a friend from home, Andrew, and Harrod's and we wandered through the store. It is GIGANTIC. We found the stupidest and most expensive things and just made fun of them. "Oh I want that statue for my house!" "Yeah that's 58,000 pounds..." "Pshh pocket change!" And so on. Then we went to a cafe to catch up about our separate lives living abroad. It was great to see a friendly face from home and made me miss Lockport dearly. I'm loving London but I cannot wait to be home.

If only I didn't have an 8 hour plane ride to look forward to...

Casey and Andrea found this

8 days left!?!?!?!?!?

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