Saturday, May 7, 2011


Has it really been 4 months since I was sitting with my mother at the airport waiting till I had the nerve to go through security to get on my flight (my first solo flight, I might add) to go meet my friends in Newark and head off to London?

This was me on Day 1. So thrilled to be in London

Apparently, as Monday is the day I haul all of my things, my new memories, clothes, souvenirs, etc to Heathrow airport and leave this wonderful place.

This week has therefore been pretty hectic, seeing as it was also FINALS WEEK.  I actually loved finals week this year, mostly because my papers were done earlier and I didn't have my internship so I had a few days of nothing to do... except study. Right. After my first test, an open note 'where's waldo' find the answer in the readings test, I was feeling pretty good, so the next day, Sarah and I headed out to do some shopping in the Piccadilly Circus area. It was kind of nice to be there as a tourist and not as a worker. Until the other actual tourists got in your way and were obnoxious. Oh well. Got some good stuff, including some Union Jack boxers.

Casey and Andrea modeling their Wedding Day Spirit
Those are the boxers I got

Wednesday was also the night that I went and saw Phantom for the last time. Which was depressing. I mean, the show was, as always, fantastic. But saying goodbye to it, especially to Sofia Escobar who has been really wonderfully nice to me, was heartbreaking. I brought her really nice flowers to say thanks for everything she has done this semester. It broke her heart too, according to twitter.

The flowers I got for Sofia
Also had to say goodbye to my favourite Phantom
John Owen Jones

Then people started asking why she was leaving phantom and wasn't playing Christine anymore... My name causes such havoc sometimes haha! It was funny.

so she had to clear it up. I'm a friend!!!

Thursday I had another final and a short class meeting for my drama class, then I was home free!! Liz decided to make Casey her birthday dinner a day early because we were having the end of the year party on her actual birthday. So Andrea and I helped out by making a lovely ice cream cake while Liz made chicken parm. DELICIOUS.

Friday I had to work for the last time, which was really sad. They said they appreciated us (my friend Jason and me) for so willingly working on Fridays. Meh, it was actually a productive time for me AND I got paid. I'm happy! Then we headed out to the end of the year party, which was bittersweet. Work study got thank you bags with something special on them, kind of  like a high school yearbook with most likely awards. Mine was 'most likely to go missing after the opera.' My obsession is a joke around here I think. It was sad to say goodbye, but made me look forward to coming home since everything about school really is over.

Things I'll never forget: Day 2- Getting left at the tube station

Not much planned for today, some fish and chips and delicious cupcakes with Sarah, some night games in the park and some final goodbyes. Tomorrow I will finish packing my London life away and that will be that. Bright and early Monday morning I'll be at the airport, waiting for the plane that will take me home.

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