Thursday, May 19, 2011


I feel bad that now that my life has quieted down, my blog is going to be very boring. So this one will be pretty short.

Plans for the summer:

Slave away at BK. Already begun.

Go to NYC with Cesca and some of her school friends. I'm sure you know a trip to Phantom there is inevitable.

Renaissance Festival. Oh yeah. This one is gonna be awesome.

Medieval Times and Toronto Zoo. Idk, Ronnie and Lauren thought of those.

Visit my cousin in Chicago.

See lots of movies. Already begun with Thor. Which was pretty good. I was actually impressed. And it was hilarious.

Marathon watch a bunch of TV shows, including but not limited to Doctor Who, Torchwood,  Dollhouse and Game of Thrones.

Do my stupid summer class so I don't have to take 18 credits my senior year unless by choice. Signing up for this has been a real pain. Especially for my mother... Sorry mom.

Find some way in there to actually save money for Italy next spring. Yeah, that's gonna happen.

That's about it. Whoooo fun times.

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