Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nostalgic Post Part 1

So as I was typing my last post about pics and the end of year party, I was struck by all the good photos we submitted that didn't make it. So I thought I would start posting some of the good memories that my friends and I have had on our adventures. Enjoy!

probably the coolest pic of us ever, a jumping picture

Sarah had to head over to the ministry

Andrea attacks!
Falling off cliffs!

Sunshine and laughs on Spring Break

Casey in Liverpool

She lives in a Yellow Submarine
Just chillin on top of Edinburgh. No big deal.

Put 'em up!

Andrea likes to steal other people's stuff and act like
a gangster

aw flatmates at the fountain

Oh you know, it's nice and sunny after

Cause there are so many other cool things around
Stonehenge to distract you!

"Hey, I found Waldo!"

And then we made a new henge. 

They went 4 wheeling in Greece

Yum gelato

bored on a 4 and a half hour train ride

Engagement photo in Edinburgh, take 1

Sarah found the tardis
Ceilidh fun with kilts 

Yay tube rides at 6:45 am

I'll do more later when the internet isn't being dumb

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