Sunday, July 3, 2016

2 Months Left...

With less than 2 months to go, I'm getting more and more excited about my departure. Not because I'm happy to leave Korea, but I'm happy to go home. I'm a mix of feelings right now. I've started shipping clothes home and am thinking about the future.

Because there isn't a ton of time left, I want to make the most of what I have left here. Trying some things I haven't, seeing friends and just enjoying Korea. 

Tried this magical concoction 

Gonna miss the strange English.

Thanks to Korea, my obsession with makeup and especially skincare has gotten quite out of hand. When I first came to Korea, I think I used moisturizer, eyeliner and eyeshadow and that's it. I just didn't care. But taking care of my skin and having so many easily available and cheap options to experiment has definitely expanded my collection. 

I've been working on organizing my skincare, but that meant my creeping makeup obsession went unnoticed and organization fell by the wayside. 

This week, I decided NO MORE. 

Got sick of digging around this mess for my

So I upgraded to a bigger, sectioned bag. It
feels fantastic. Believe it or not, organizing this was
the best part of Wednesday.

I trekked down to the post office with another box to send, and the office is relatively familiar with me now, so that was painless. It's small things like this that suck. I hate going to the post office, but now, after 3 years, have an established familiarity with so many places like that, and it's sad to leave any place that's comfortable. I didn't believe Korea would become this comfortable for me, but it totally has. 

In the spirit of leaving no stone unturned, Ces and I met up with Helen, who knows lots of good restaurants on the opposite side of town, so we could eat deliciously in the first of many restaurant visits for the last 2 months. 

Choco peanut butter milkshake and
delicious chip topped burger

On Saturday, I spent a lot of time hanging out while Ces caught up on sleep. By hanging out I mean I played Stardew Valley, which is a fun game Shannon introduced me to. 

After a bit of that, I headed out to Apgujeong to meet Lauren for a makgeolli meeting. I'm not the biggest fan of makgeolli, but it's fun to go to this type meeting and have people who know what they're doing pick things for me. Plus, I get to eat delicious food and hang with my friends
The bar was cute and classy

maybe half of what we tried?
cute napkins

One of my faves was the drunken monkey haha. It has a distinct red color from being made with red yeast. I think. It was good. 

The owners were happy our 'club' came, so they gave us
some free special stuff that you can't easily get anywhere. It
felt cool~ And we spent a lot of money... so...

Always a fun time with friends. 

On Sunday, we headed out to dance class for a special class with a youtuber. We learned EXO's Monster, which was probably the easiest EXO song and boy dance we ever learned. I didn't get it perfectly, but well enough to feel like I accomplished something with our class. It was great, and I was flying high after having so much fun in class. 

I mess up the chorus in this one, but thankfully everyone messes up at least once, even the
teacher, so that helps. 

I love watching Cesca and me dance together. We look so crazy in sync! it's fun. 

School is winding down, with review classes and camp prep well underway. I'm gonna miss these kids, but I've certainly had my fill of teaching basic English sentences. Gonna keep looking forward, while fondly remembering the times I've had here, as well as appreciating all the tools and memories Korea has given me~

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