Sunday, July 10, 2016

I Like That... Except Saying Goodbye. Not that.

Well, the weeks are just flying by! It's already time to blog again? Sheesh, where is the time going?!?!?

This week, I started telling my students I was leaving. They were sad, but when I reminded them I haven't been home or seen my parents in three years, they were pretty understanding. The real goodbyes this week and next week will be hard though...

After school, I've been busy packing boxes to mail home and seeing my friends often before I go. We meet up every couple of nights to try wing night or other special deals around town. 

On Friday, I saw Finding Dory. Since it's about Dory finding her family, it hit my heartstrings, because I miss home. Only 50 days till I leave, 51 till I'm home, technically, I think. Not a lot of time. I'm excited but sad. I have a lot of goodbyes ahead of me...

This week in photos. Not much, been a little lazy and my phone is dying slowly and painfully... I think it knows I'm counting down the days till I can upgrade...


Super pumped for this drama, Moon Lovers,
because the posters look awesome.

I watch a show where people send in their concerns. A
mom was worried about her son's piercings, but since it's a
public TV network, they can't show the piercings. This
is how they covered them, which is more awkward, I think...?

Daddy's birthday was this week. Can't wait to
celebrate all the missed holidays together

On Thursday, I had to be on stairwell guard duty, because someone left the front door open and a pigeon got into the building... This was complicated by the fact that some of the 1st graders were also curious about the foreigner, so I was trying to tell them to be quiet and calm and they were decidedly not. 

just chillin. It stayed for about 2 periods before they got it out

Some my 5th graders gave me a goodbye gifts. One student wrote
"I hope you smile in America like you do in Korea... Please always
be happy." So I'm not crying or anything. 

These final goodbyes are gonna suck... ugh. 

Ces and I went over to Grace's to watch this show they like, Show Me the Money (after the movie, so we were out late). I have no vested interest in the show as I prefer ballads to rap, but they like it and I like them, so I 'watched' too. I ended up falling asleep on the couch haha. 

They had a special cup in the show, so Cesca and I went on the hunt for it (it's at Dunkin Donuts), and I had to use my Korean skillz to get them to give it to us, because they were out of the specific donut you need to buy to get it? Korea isn't big on replacing things with items of lesser or equal value. It confuses them. But they were nice and made an exception for us. 

there's a dounut in the top. Cooool. 

I spent some time decompressing with Stardew Valley, and then my neighbor invited us over for a game night. It's nice to hang out with so many different groups of people during the week, but I also like my alone time. I got a lot of both this week, so that was nice. 

We stopped at subway before dance class on Sunday, where a worrying sign made an appearance. 

Um, isn't this supposed to be a given? Should I be concerned?

Not a lot of people came to dance today, so ces and I just messed around and had fun. The dance wasn't too hard but wasn't too interesting either, but it got me out of my apartment and off my lazy butt, so that's a plus. 

Monsoon season has made the weather either rainy and humid or just miserably humid, so I kinda can't wait to be done with this heat. But a week or 2 of goodbyes is ahead of me, and I'm not super looking forward to it. The spring semester drags and this is only making it harder. Sigh.

Wish me luck.

My current obsession is this beautiful song and video, Beast's Butterfly. EVERYTHING IS SO PRETTY IT HURTS. 

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