Sunday, July 17, 2016

Now I Know I Have a Heart....

Cause it's breaking...

Today marked the beginning of the end. Last classes with some classes, so I had to actually legit say goodbye to a lot of my students. 

It's been a week of receiving letters and treats, as well as lots of hugs. It's also been a week of crying many tears :/

Goodbye cake from 6-3. I taught 6th grade since they
were in 3rd grade, so it's hard to say goodbye to them

This came up on my timehop in the middle of the week.
3 years ago I was excited to come. Now I'm excited
to leave, but also so, so sad

More 6th grade love

My students in 6-2 surprised me with the song they normally sing
to teachers on Teacher's Day. I've never heard it, so I of course
burst into tears, as it is astounding that 6th graders would sing
for anyone, as they're usually casually disinterested in school

also got beautiful drawings~ I'm gonna miss these little crazy kids

An adorable sight on my desk after I came
back to the office. One of them wrote it
on a Christmas card haha

Handmade ice cream cake treat thing from
some of my favorite 6th graders. My heart hurts

I thankful you too buuuuuh this sucks. I'm so happy I got to be a
small part of these kids' lives, but leaving sucks. It really sucks.

After all the goodbyes, I didn't have much energy for, well, anything, so I kind of begrudgingly made some stuff for English camp. Young Ah invited me out to dinner on Friday, wanting me to try another Korean delicacy... Intestines. 

Here we have a mix of large intestines, small, and
the heart 

The taste wasn't too bad, but it's quite greasy and chewy and my stomach wasn't up for much more than a taste of each. The heart was the best haha. Thankfully, Young Ah likes it enough to eat more of it, so we didn't waste it. I'm grateful she has helped me be an adventurous eater. Would I eat this again? I guess, but I wouldn't seek it out myself. 

On Saturday, I FINALLY got to go to a Korean wedding! In my 3 years here, I've never been invited to one and I always wanted to go, just for the experience. 

This one was a little fancier than the standard fare. We didn't have a buffet like usual. It was only 2 hours, but apparently that was quite long for a Korean wedding, and my co workers were all moderately frustrated that it took that long haha. Meanwhile I'm sitting here thinking that it wasn't long at all!

The teacher was a 6th grade teacher, and I know my presence wasn't a big deal, but I'll be in some of her wedding pictures, so that's fun!

After the wedding, I met up with Grace and Cesca to see the Shallows, because who doesn't love a good shark movie?? It was decent and of course a little ridiculous, as all shark movies are.

On Sunday, we headed to dance class to learn an oooooold classic song, Girl's Generation's Oh. There were only 3 of us, so we had to do it solo! I forgot some parts, but it was pretty fun and the song is really catchy!

It's winding down time for me, but I have another maybe 12 classes to say goodbye to, which is going to just be soooo awesome I can't wait -__-

Wish me strength. I know this is the right decision, but my heart hurts so much right now that I wish I could just crawl into my be and not leave. I don't wanna face the goodbyes, even though I know it was and is inevitable... 

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