Sunday, July 24, 2016

And Just Like That...

The semester is finished... I've been wanting it to end for a while, because it has felt so long, but the end of it seemed to come with a suddenness for which I was unprepared. 

The goodbyes and stress of camp, worrying about the teacher trip I had this weekend and all the preparations I have to do for coming home took their toll this week, and I was sick for most of it. 

A trip the international clinic later, I had a variety of medicines for the next week that cost me $7, thanks to my insurance here. Wheeeee. It's much easier to go to the doctor when the total for the visit AND meds is like $20. Anyway, it's been a slow but steady improvement towards recovery. 

Saying goodbye to my students sucked, but I got a lot of love from them so that's nice. A lot of them are asking me why I am leaving and keep saying "please don't goooo," but some of them try to be understanding. The older kids especially are a little more selfless. Some of them wrote things like "I am sad you are leaving and I think you are too. But you are happy to see your family so I am happy you are happy." Like... stab my heart out with a spoon. It will hurt less than this whole week...

My student that lived in Spain made me this card

he drew himself

They're so scared I would forget them. I dont' think
that's possible. The kids will move on quickly,
but I think I'll be thinking of them for a lot longer
than they realize

Banana milk farewell... it says, "remember us please"

I will kids, I really, really will. 

I used this celeb as an example in class and
the kids took it to mean I'm obsessed with him

On Friday, while I was busy getting last minute things ready for the dreaded English Camp, my office mates surprised me with a farewell cake and present. I kept it together for about 2.5 seconds then burst into tears. 

They noticed I always wear cute socks so I told them
months ago I love Korean socks. They decided to send
me home with a month's worth at least

They tied each one

I can't express how much they all meant to me and my time here...
such a wonderful group of people... I'll do my best, teachers!
be well and be happy ~

I'm such a mess

Happy sad crying tears of appreciation 

This weekend, we also had a teacher's trip for the principal, who is also leaving the school cause her time is up at the school. So it was a farewell to her (and a little bit to me). It was fun to hang with the teachers one last time, and many of them said nice farewells to me. Which was sad so it sucked, but was also really sweet and nice to hear. 

I wasn't feeling well, but decided to tough it out for dinner at least. We headed there after English camp. We also passed by the sight of the 2018 Olympics. The kids and my co workers kept telling me it would be nice if I came back for the games...

We ate dinner at one of the fish markets where you pick out the fish and they butcher it fresh for you. Is butcher the word for fish? Clean and prepare it? Anyway, it was fresh. My  we-had-camp-so-we-were-late group just got there for the tail end of dinner, but the atmosphere was so nice and I was feeling better, so I stayed with my school, which I told my mom I wasnt going to do. oops.  

I got pokemon go to work for like 30 seconds while I was there!

our hotel was on the beach.

We went to an outdoor sculpture park and looked around, and  then headed to the town of Lee Hyoseok, a famous writer from Korea.

It was so hot and sunny I had to use an umbrella as

His most famous work is about when the buckwheat blooms.

So we went to a restaurant that uses buckwheat and makes buckwheat noodles.

They were really good but I was so full I couldn't eat much,
esp since my appetite isn't back to normal.

 The trip was a nice way for the teachers and me to see each other before I go. I'll see the important ones again, but I wanted to make one last effort to be with them all, since I gained so much from a wonderful school. My principal told me I was so wonderful that I'll do great wherever I go, but that she felt like the universe had smiled on me and the school when it paired us together, because we suited each other so well. It was a nice sentiment. 

I met up with Lauren and Ces when I got home. We had dinner and relaxed, then I went home and hung with Ces. We went to bed early cause I was exhausted, and we needed our energy for Cheer Up on sunday!

We've learned this dance before, but it was extra fun to learn it again!

The spacing is awkward cause half of our group was sitting out (we usually split up and do groups), so don't mind that. Just look at the adorableness and awesomeness. I just love this dance. 

I deff needed some cheering up this week, and this helped a lot. I'm hoping camp will be a breeze and I can get the long list of things I need to do done soon, as it's just a little over a month before I will make my triumphant return to America. I'm excited but nervous, but as it gets closer, I really am ready to go home. Can't wait to hug my parents and my cats. Haha it's the simple things. Just have to reorganize my whole life here first. Whee. Wish me luck.

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