Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So, like Alysia, I started the epic project of cleaning and reorganizing my room with Cesca. It is especially difficult for us, considering we share a room, to organize things because we don't have space for them.
I'm not going to post pictures of everything like Alysia, because I don't have the patience and am not as organized as her when it comes to those things. I should be, because that probably would be helpful in reevaluating what I need for school, but hey, I really just want it to be clean.

I got caught in the nostalgia of it all a couple of times, you know, things from my dresser that are old that I forgot to put away, or old papers, letters and cards I've saved. It's odd to think about how much we've all grown up, even in the past year. I mean, we are 1 year out of high school already. and that is kind of scary. We are mere weeks away from beginning our second year of college, mere months away from living on our own in a foreign country! We're freaking adults! Whoa!!!! Then I found my old Pokemon cards (yes, I was that much of a dork, even that young) and my old beanie babies that we used to collect and play with religiously... Ah, the good ol' days...

Off of that subject because my brain can't process it, my new music box came. It's pretty simple, but I love it:

There are only a few more that I really want right now, and if I found more I'd be happy but I'm not looking as hard for them, as there's at least 40 different ones:

^ I really want this one

<-- This one's a maybe I really like this one too -->

Oh, and this one, even though it's not a music box but a snowglobe:

Bear in mind that my small collection includes:

So, hopefully I can find these cheap online and use my future Christmas money on them (or ask for them for Christmas, haha) so that I can expand my collection. I'm always on the lookout for them!

And in typing this and searching for pictures, I found a couple of sites with them, which is lucky, as they're a bit tricky to find these days. I wish I had a ton of money to just freely spend on Phantom, because I have another secret Phantom project in the works that is gonna cost me lots (and no, this project isn't seeing the show) so I probably will postpone that till after Italy *sigh*. Other than that, buying one of these every couple of months after saving seems pretty reasonable, right? Seeing the show at least once a year isn't a big deal either, right? Alright, I have a problem. I admit it.

Sorry for the long post with a huge concentration on Phantom. I'm still on cloud nine from seeing it!

Ren Fest Sunday!!!

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