Monday, August 23, 2010


So, the memorial service has come and passed with many tears, but also many laughs. Almost my entire family was here, and we just had a lot of good times sitting around and chatting.

On Sunday, I had a final visit with the few relatives who remained and then watched True Blood (which is getting rather strange and dumb) and then Serenity, because we've been watching Firefly. What a wonderful way to end the summer.

Move in day. What miserable weather, not helped by the fact that my stomach was not happy with me today and I felt like crap until about lunchtime, and then it all got better. I'm finally unpacked and I cannot believe how much space I have this year! It's gonna be totally awesome.

So I'm just wandering the internet looking for something to do until Casey gets here, because I'm hungry again. Hmmm. Maybe I'll have to break open the snack box. Yum!

PS. My bootlegs came in and are being mailed to me tomorrow, along with my pillow and probably something random from my mother. I'm so excited!

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