Thursday, August 5, 2010

Musical Obsessions

Alright, so it's high time that I showed you guys some other musicals I love besides The Phantom of the Opera, because I actually have seen quite a few. So here's a sample of some of my obscurer favorites! (Plus other songs from that particular show to check out)

Jekyll & Hyde- Confrontation- A Broadway adaptation of the classic story. Jekyll sings of his despair and intent to banish the beast inside him, Hyde sings of how he will conquer. The same guy does both, so it's pretty freaking cool. Great music. See also: Take Me As I Am, Someone Like You, Dangerous Game, This is the Moment

Dracula- Loving You Keeps Me Alive- Yeah, a romanticized Dracula musical. Kind of odd, plays up the romance a lot (there isn't really any in the book, Dracula is a terror), but James Barbour has the voice of a god. Seriously. As Dracula, he sings of his love for Mina and how he is the one that truly loves her the most, not her betrothed. Also, they lyrics of the song fit really well into phantom, but I digress. See also: The Longer I Live, Finale, Please Don't Make Me Love You

The Light in the Piazza- Say it Somehow. A beautiful love story of a tourist and a man she meets in Italy. In this song, they sing of a way to express their love despite the language barrier, reassuring each other that no matter what, they will understand. There are some songs in Italian = BONUS. ****EXTRA SUPER AWESOME FACT*** Matthew Morrison is the original Fabrizio!!!!! See Also: The Beauty Is, Passegiatta, Love to Me, Il Mondo Era Vuoto, The Light in the Piazza

And last but not least, Lestat- Sail Me Away. Another vampire musical, this time based on the works of Anne Rice, the show wasn't well received but has amazing music. The plot is kind of strange for those not used to it (or those who didn't like Interview with a Vampire). But this song is beautiful. Hugh Panaro (a former Phantom on Broadway) sings of longing to be away from the pain and suffering he's endured as a vampire, being betrayed by his loved ones and being tired of life. This is one of my sister's favorite shows, and Sean MacLaughlin, the Raoul I just saw, was an understudy for Armand, and he was awesome. See also: The Thirst, After All This Time, I'll Never Have That Chance

These are less mainstream musicals, so they aren't as well known or as popular, but check them out, they're super awesome!

BONUS! Enjoy The Song that Goes Like This, a spoof of love songs from musicals. Notice the Phantom references! This is a bonus because I forgot it earlier, haha.

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