Saturday, August 14, 2010


So, given that I only have about 9 days left here, and Cesca and I were only half way through Final Fantasy XIII last week, we have decided the solution is to sit down and play for as many hours as we can/are available this week so we can finish. I also play when she is at work and vice versa, so long as my brother is not home to monopolize the tv. Are we crazy? Probably, but hey, that's the gamer side.

Other notes, I have one day left to work at the BK lounge, tomorrow, and then I'm free!!! I'll again miss the people, but not really the job. There's too many frustrating people to deal with.

I still need to sort and repack my dorm life again. Gah. I've packed and unpacked so many times this summer its ridiculous.

I watch The Young Victoria. It was everything Alysia said. It was gorgeous and awesome. The end made me tear up. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah love.

Also, the biggest and best news, I'M SHOWING FIREFLY TO MY SISTER AND FRIENDS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. It's even better the second time when you're watching it with people who have no idea what's coming. Good times.

Well, this week is going to be filled with last minute appointments, last minute shopping, last minute packing, and sadly, my grandmother's memorial service, which is two days before I leave. It's sad, but I need to say goodbye and let go.

Thankfully, mere days after that, I will be REUNITED with you lovely people. I cannot wait.

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