Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Major Changes

Ok, so I bet you guys are probably sick of me mentioning Phantom of the Opera in just about every post, but this past week has been HUGE for me. My Phantom world has been turned upside down and I need to vent/remark. It's not bad, just strange. It's the first major shift I've been paying very close attention to, so it's a big deal.

Also, my sister is going to Pittsburgh to see the show. I'm insanely jealous, but I comfort myself with the fact that I've already seen that cast, I got to see it on Broadway, my sister didn't (yet, she will with me soon, hopefully!) she's sitting in the last row, and I'll be seeing it in London in a few months.

Anyway, the thing that has thrown me for a loop is the fact that there are major cast changes going on, very close to the end of the tour. It's a busy time for Phantom. The changes are as follows:

Leaving- John Cudia (Phantom, the one I saw, LOVE him)
Jennifer Hope Wills (Christine, the one I saw, I like her a lot)

Taking over- Hugh Panaro (Phantom, I adore him. John sings better, but Hugh is an amazing actor. I've been waiting for years for him to return to the mask)
Sara Jean Ford (Christine, from what I've heard, she's going to be great!)

Leaving- Gina Beck and Simon Bailey (Christine and Raoul- they're awesome. They actually sang at the Paris Opera House, sad I won't get to see them... but i've got a bootleg of them!)
Rumored that David Shannon (Phantom) is leaving, no idea who will be taking over.

Sooooo anyway, I'm sad that my first Broadway cast is no more as of September 4th, sad I didn't get to see Gina and Simon live, but I'm SO PUMPED for the new casts. Gah, it's so exciting! I can't wait to see the show in London!

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