Monday, May 24, 2010

Back at BK

So, as you guys know, between my homecoming and return to IC for the summer, I've been putting in some hours at the BK lounge and will be again when I come back from both vacation and orientation. So I thought I would just remark a bit about that.

It is a wonderfully pleasant feeling to be back. I don't know about half of the new crew, but a lot of the people I used to work with are still there, and sometimes we can sink into nostalgia and it is wonderful. Customers are still crappy as ever, it's still busy and gross, but knowing that the managers love me and that I will do anything for them feels great. Even when I have to work until 2 in the morning. The money is good and it is putting me closer to London so I am quite pleased. It's like I never left, which is weird and comforting at the same time, and not the feeling I get everywhere. Sadly, at the dance studio, I feel my time is over there and I probably won't be visiting that often. It's like that part of my life is over and I don't want to let it go, but I feel it slipping away slowly...

On another note, I cannot wait to get married. I've been marathoning Say Yes to the Dress, meaning I've watched about 27 episodes that I recorded while at school or work and have been getting ideas and just admiring the beauty. I cried like 7 times at the stories and just how beautiful they look and I just can't wait to be in their shoes someday.

Also, I'll be on vacation this week and won't have a computer for the most part, so don't expect any updates from me via my blog or my facebook. I'll be on a beach in South Carolina =)

I'll hopefully remember to take lots of pics to show you guys!

Hope everyone's break is wonderful, can't wait be at IC again, but loving home!

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  1. yep i've been watching say yes to the dress all the time too! i feel like i will never ever be able to spend that much on a gown though...