Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Non ne posso piu (but really I can)

Which translates to "I can't take it anymore." I just want to be home. I love my friends here, and I love Ithaca, but I just wanna be home. I want to see my friends, my family, my cats. I want my own bed, my own house, my A/C, non-dining hall food. I want non-peppery corn and my mom's cooking.

I'm doing well though, despite my numerous freakouts. I'm almost done with my spirtual journeys paper, I am pretty well versed in the Italian vocab, we're reviewing what I need to know for stats and Macro in the next two days, we have our final assignment for spiritual journeys. I think I'm set...

On a happy note, for myself, we are really close to finishing Final Fantasy VIII. It is really inspiration to keep me going. I know this because we just got to my favorite part in the game, where Rinoa is dying in space and Squall thinks about nothing but saving her. <--They're so cute, see!

That's when they first meet at a ball, and Squall doesn't want to dance and Rinoa makes him. They don't know each other, and they meet again and slowly fall in love, with Rinoa finally drawing Squall out of his shell. So. Freaking. Adorable. I cannot wait til Sarah sees the ending. It is epic.

So basically, we don't have that much to do, and right now I am ensuring our victory by side questing and training. It is going well and I am pleased. So, since I'm a video game dork and I'm giddy, I'm going to put a bunch of FF8 pics in here cause I love it so much! Enjoy!

Currently listening to Vivo Per Lei by Andrea Bocelli ft. Giorgia. It's a beautiful song!

I admit it. I'm completely and utterly 100% obsessed.

Final Fantasy = Love =)

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