Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quotable moments from closing

So I haven't finished talking about my vacation, and honestly that's gonna take a long time.

Or not, I'm just gonna finish it right here without pics. Friday Nick graduated. They marched in formation with the band (video eventually cause its cool) and it looked AWESOME! Our group had a huge banner for Nick. We definitely won most devoted/enthusiastic family. Then, we lounged around the pool for about 10 hours and it was freaking awesome. It felt so nice to just chill and relax, especially since they had a hot tub. It was glorious. Then we drove back a total of 18 hours over 2 days. Note to friends: Don't drive that far with your 81 year old grandfather who can't hear despite hearing aids. Just don't.

Anyway, I'm very busy with unpacking, repacking, figuring out what I don't have, shopping for it, and working, I'm worn out. I've been closing for about half of my shifts, which means that I get there around dinner time and stay till about 1:30-2 in the morning. It isn't too bad if you're working with the right people, which, fortunately, I have been.

Tonight, after being in exceptionally good moods after a pretty smooth close, Cesca and I decided that we didn't feel like going home yet, because after you've been working for 8 hours, you don't want to just go home and crash, you feel like doing something because you're just so awake when you get home. So, we decided to hit up Denny's, which, besides McDonald's, is basically the only place open past like 10 in Lockport. So. Lame.

Anyway, we were pretty hyper so we got a few hilarious quotes out that I just had to share:

Cesca: *Looking at light fixture* DUDE! These lights have a covering so you can't get to the lightbulb! *goes to poke light fixture* Oh wait, never mind. They don't...

Me: This is what I'd be like when I'm drunk, except I'm just happy!
Cesca: You'll come to associate those two as the same feeling eventually...


Me: Dude, I was so afraid there was going to be a tornado tonight!
Cesca: You only thought that because Jared said that... I didn't even know it was raining. I thought there was an alien outside going *attempting to imitate the noise the drive thru makes when it's raining* click cluck clock click!!!

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