Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh. Em. Gee.

So, some pretty amazing shit has gone down today that I need to share. First of all, I'm having a relaxing day as we all went out last night and things were a bit crazy, so I'm enjoying some time off in my room.You wouldn't notice as you aren't here with me, but I had to get laundry that I left in and forgot. But I have a good reason as to why I forgot!
In my spare time, I like to browse ebay because a lot of times it has awesome things for lowish prices. Well, imagine my UTTER SHOCK today when, while searching for a piece for my Ren Fest costume, I stumble across this! (Hence my distraction from mundane things like laundry...)

Now you should all recognize it from my facebook as this (holy shit Alysia, I'm super impressed):

The seller even has a variety of colors to choose from that are awesome as well.
I am so seriously tempted to buy this dress. You have no freaking idea. The reasons why I am not-
1.) It is over $100. This is something that would not be an issue if a.) we weren't going to London, b.) I didn't owe my sister $200 for paying for a PS3 (AND I BOUGHT FINAL FANTASY XIII WHICH IS SO WORTH IT AND I'M SO PUMPED) and c.) reasons 2 and 3.

2.) I have already been working on my costume for this year, which is a peasant look utilizing my corset I bought last year. I already bought a new shirt and am searching for (and have a good idea about) the skirt that I am going to buy. Both costume pieces are still less than the dress.
and lastly,

3.) Because I am also spending some of my hard earned orientation money on Phantom of the Opera related things. As you may recall, I have a couple of music boxes related to Phantom, and have decided to use part of my first paycheck (or part of my last paycheck that I got from BK before I left, however you want to look at it) to buy another music box. Every couple of months I am going to buy one until my collection is complete. In that I mean I get all the ones that I really want, because there are a ton. Some of them are repeats that I don't need and some I don't want, like the Monkey music box. It is iconic, I know, but I don't want a freaking monkey in my collection of beautiful scenes from Phantom. It just doesn't work for me. So, in case you are wondering (and you probably aren't) what these look like, this site has a nice listing of them (although it doesn't seem to have them in stock).

Keep in mind that these are actually pretty expensive, as they were released in the 80s and early 90s and production has been discontinued. Hence my constant searches on the internet and especially ebay to see if I can find them for reasonable prices. I am buying one of these 2 (see below) tomorrow, hopefully, if the bids on ebay don't go too high for me. I still have to save a lot for London, you know! [The two that I already have are Christine and Raoul in her dressing room and Christine and the Phantom in the boat (non-globe)].

The other ones I really want include the one with Meg and Christine, the one with Christine, the Phantom and the mirror, and the one with the Phantom at the organ in his oriental-ish robe. Aaaaand a couple of other ones, but still. I have to pace myself. And wait till Christmas and my birthday so I can not so subtly hint to my sister and mother that those ones are the ones that I want. Eventually, if I have the time, money and frankly, good luck, I will start buying the repeated ones, ie there is a Phantom globe with him and Christine in the boat, which is a repeat of the one Cesca got me for my birthday of them both in the boat, it is bigger and they aren't in a globe. So yeah, that will be happening someday soon hopefully.

So, I'm still blown away by the freaking Renaissance dress and how the hell that happened, excited about my Ren Fest costume, excited to play FFXIII on the new PS3 and HDTV that my siblings and I put our money together for, my trip to Phantom and a new piece to add to my collection (hopefully, if I win the bid...) and then saving the rest for London!!!! OMG I can't wait.

Also, just thought of this question. I can't decide if this one looks cool and is worthy of my purchase or it is weird. Opinions please?


  1. i'm so psychic. that's crazy.

    and i'm pumped for the ren faire as well, i'm totally going sometime this summer, in costume obviously!!

  2. I'm going August 8th with my friends in the peasant costume I'm working on, though the dress is reeeeaaaaaaaally tempting me!!!!!

  3. And I saw that and was like, 'Holy shit! Alysia drew that MONTHS ago!!!!'