Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well, I'm home for a few days on a much needed break from orientation. I guess I didn't really realize how much it exhausted me until I was on my way home and I couldn't keep my eyes open, besides the fact that car rides in general make me tired...

Anyway, I got home, got to see my bella, Cesca, and then we went to see Eclipse. It's hard to judge it because we had to sit in the front row, and honestly, seeing the 'love triangle' on screen makes it seem even more stupid than in the books. For example, Bella and Edward get engaged and they're talking about it, Jacob overhears and runs off. Upset that he's upset, she runs to him and basically makes out with him. Honestly, I don't know if it's Kristen Stewart's acting (it probably is, actually) but the love triangle seems so contrived. It's not even a triangle, as Bella says in the movie, because "It isn't between you and Jacob. It's about me and who I was and who I want to be..." Or something strange like that. My point is that she chose Edward already, like 7 times. Sorry Jake lovers, it isn't going to happen.

Though on that point, the one thing that bugs me sooooo much about Twilight movies, besides Kristen Stewart, is the fact that so many people root for Jacob because he is hotter. Really? Really people? Come on! (This has nothing to do with the fact that I think Robert Pattinson has a more smoldering, handsome look while Taylor has more of a fangirl hotness). But seriously, that's why people hate America. Because we think that just cause a person is hotter, they are better. Ugh. And I hate Jacob anyway for reasons I have already touched on, like he's a whiny bitch all the time begging Bella to leave her love, when Edward is more self sacrificing, if she wanted to leave, he'd let her. Jacob trying to guilt Bella into being with him is a sign of an abusive relationship (according to Cosmo), even though people try and say Bella and Edward is the poster child for an unhealthy relationship. I disagree.

Anyway, expect a spoof coming soon involving Kristen Stewart's terrible inflection, Jacob's disappearing abs and just some more satire. And by soon I mean it will have to be when I'm home for the rest of the summer, which will only be like a month.

Anyway, other news, I got to start playing Final Fantasy XIII, YAY! And I bought one of the music boxes, the one with Christine holding the Phantom's mask to him, so that should be coming soon!

Also, I found out on Sunday that after her long, hard struggle, my grandmother passed away on Saturday. I cried, but honestly, I'm not as grief stricken as I thought I would be... I think it's because we have all been expecting it for months and months anyway, and it really is better this way, so I can't really be very sad because she hasn't been all here for months and it was so hard to see her suffer. So, I just wanted to let you know that I'm alright, thanks for the support.

I'm off to enjoy some relaxation at home and have some fun hanging out with Cesca and all my LP friends who I've missed SO MUCH. I miss everyone, and it won't be long till we are back at IC!

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