Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

My mother has had some crazy ideas in the past, about our house, our schooling etc. But the one idea that she's always told me about and I've always liked is her idea about Random Acts of Kindness.

It's small things that make the day. My mother will sometimes pay the toll of the person behind her on the way to work, or something like that. Lately, much to my father's dismay, she has taken to randomly paying for the meal of a stranger at some restaurants we go to, most often a Chinese food buffet.

The first time she did it, it was for a Hispanic family with two adorable little daughters. She always says, "maybe that was their splurge for the week or something" and she knows it will brighten their day. I mean, how would you feel if you were out and somebody said your bill was all set? Great, right?

My dad always says that the people she pays for are probably better off than us, and yeah, that might be true, but hey, my mother hopes that it might inspire them to do more good with their money, or maybe it will help someone less fortunate catch up a little. I don't know, but it feels great.

Today at Denny's my sister texted me that she had an inexplicable and overwhelming urge to pay for the meal of the little old man that was sitting alone in the booth behind us. My mother and I were thrilled, my dad a bit annoyed. I think he believes in it, but doesn't want to let my mom know he enjoys things like that. So my sister payed the bill and we left. I wish I could have seen the old man's face. My mom thinks the urge came from the fact that my grandfather is now all alone with really nothing to do because his whole life consisted of taking care of my grandmother. I can only hope that someday somebody sees him sitting alone and does something nice for him.

I hope your hearts have been warmed and you are now inspired to put a little extra kindness in your day for a stranger.

Other notes, I have been shopping a bit to change up my wardrobe. Pics later, maybe, if I get around to it before starting to work again, plus I bought a straightener for my hair that has a cool design on it. I'm excited. Also, in the past three days, I've been to the movies 3 times (this is due to the fact that my father is recovering from surgery for his carpal tunnel and is home for like the whole summer- meaning he is bored of staying in the house, so I've been taking him/he's taken me to a couple of movies) at which I've seen Inception (I thought it was overhyped) Predators (my dad picked it- it's action-y with lots of violence) which was actually pretty good, and The Sorcerer's Apprentice (he really wanted to go, I thought it looked dumb) AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I love magic and sorcery, and it wasn't really that childish at all, I mean, it was really good. The best out of those three by far. Yup. That's about it! Back to BK tomorrow!!!

By the way, in case you all forgot, I'M SEEING PHANTOM IN 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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