Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Holy hell, it is hot here. I'm talking like 100 degrees hot. It's supposed to be like 90 degrees for this whole session. Joy.

Whatever, Friday is payday and basically a half day since we're done by noon, so I'm thinking of soaking up the sun and sitting by the pool all day sounds like a most excellent idea. It's really too hot to do anything else, honestly.

Anywho, I did something yesterday that was totally and uncharacteristically badass. Rode. A. Motorcycle. Well, rode on the back of one to be exact, but I rode on one all the same. One of my best friends from home, Lauren, if you remember her, bought one a while back and I finally got the chance to see how it feels. It was liberating, freeing and the scariest thing I've ever done in my life. You could feel the wind whipping past you and as we turned I felt like we were falling, which was scary, because I used to fall on my bike all the time when I was younger and be fine. If you fall on a bike, well, there goes your leg... Which was running through my head as we rode down the street.

No worries, my leg is all intact and I really want to do it again. Lauren and Ronnie both plan on owning bikes soon, so I will get plenty of chances.

Other than that, not much is happening. My week off was great, I spent a lot of time with friends and family alike, ending with my Dad's birthday, which is today but we celebrated yesterday. Also, Cesca and I made excellent progress on FFXIII, getting through 6 of 13 chapters despite her busy work schedule and my visit-everyone-and-say-hi schedule. So yeah, I'm excited to finish that. And spoof eclipse. And see Phantom. And Ren Fest.

Sad thing is, I only have a week and a half to spend with my fellow OLs, and leaving here in 12ish days is going to be really hard and sad. But I have vowed not to think about it and just to enjoy the next couple of sessions. If the sun doesn't kill me first...

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