Monday, January 3, 2011


Oh. My God. It is 2011. And since this is being posted after midnight, it is officially Monday. Which means in like a week I will be getting ready to board a plane to London. LONDON.

Appropriately, I've changed the name of my blog to Random Ramblings because that is all that I am probably going to do: ramble about the amazingness that is LONDON.

I'm actually incredibly scared and nervous, and I really should start packing. In theory, my plan is to pack light so that I have room to bring stuff home. In practice, well, I am an excessive overpacker and will probably not accomplish this feat. Oh well. I'll just throw stuff out at the airport if my bags are too heavy.

Speaking of the airport, I am terrified. So many things can go wrong. I am obsessively checking the weather forecasts to see what's up. So far on Monday there is a 30% chance of precipitation/flurries. Which they can hopefully fly in. I have no idea. I literally know nothing about flying; I haven't flown since I was 5. No joke.

So, right from the get go, this promises to be an amazing adventure. I am going to (hopefully) keep this up to date for my friends and family, but I might also make a video blog (or vlog- not sure I love that word yet) so my mom can see what's up. And see that I'm alive. She's pretty worried about that one.

Anyway, I better get some sleep. With Cesca leaving on Thursday for Italia, and me leaving in like a week, this week promises to be hectic and stressful as last minute details pop up, so I need all the energy I can get. Hey, I'm young, this is the time for adventure... right?

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