Sunday, January 23, 2011

Three Day Weekends Are Throwing Me Off

So, it is Sunday on my first 3 day weekend in London. You know that feeling you get where your brain is confused because you should be at work or school or something and you're not because it is a day off? Yeah, I can see that happening like every weekend here. Thursday night feels like Friday night, so on Saturday I felt like I should be getting ready for class the next day. But no! Which, in actuality, is pretty sweet.

Friday we went on an adventure to find Fish and Chips. We wanted to go to the Goose, where we got amazing ones last time, but it was really crowded. We also thought that maybe we should try somewhere else, just to make sure. Well, everything closes really early in London (it was only like 9 o'clock) so this was a bit difficult, but we ended up at a place called the Broadway Cafe. It was a fun time, but we can all definitively say that the Goose is way better. Well, at least we can say we tried other places.

Saturday was a packed day. Casey and I got up early to go on a walk with Bill, the Director of the London Centre who is basically a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about London. We went all over, seeing St. Paul's Cathedral, St. Bartholomew's hospital and church, The Museum of London, the Guildhall and a couple of other things. We also crossed the Millennium Bridge (the one that gets destroyed in Harry Potter 5) and walked by the Globe Theatre, but didn't have time to stop. We will be returning.

After about 4 solid hours of walking, we hopped on a train (not the tube, but the railway, which was pretty cool) to Charlton to meet the rest of the gang and catch a football match. By this time, I was freezing (though I hear I can't complain, as the temperature at home is in the negatives sometimes), but the home team won and we had 2nd row, unbelievable seats. We had been planning an adventure to a karaoke bar but we were all just so tired that we chilled around the flat instead, played some cards and watched Big Fish, an excellent movie.

Today on the agenda is a visit to Tesco, as I have run out of lots of things, a visit to Piccadilly Circus to wander around the area, and a stop at Westminster to see the Parliament Building, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, hopefully. All of this is contingent upon the washing machine guy getting here soon... Because I would really like to not have to go to the laundromat to wash my stuff. I don't have time for that!

Anyway, here are some pictures of my adventures this weekend!

There is currently a lake inside our washer

 First Football match in the UK!

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Bartholomew's

Bill calls this "The Mel Gibson Memorial"

The Guildhall

It is ginormous inside

We were super excited to cross the Millennium Bridge

They segregate the fans

Casey loves football

Celebrating their second goal

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