Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Major Frustration

Things have not been going well lately in the London department. Aside from the fact that I apparently have lost the ability to sleep at normal hours (the last two nights I haven't gone to bed until 4 because I have been wide awake despite less than 7 hours of sleep each night), there are just so many errands to run. Getting currency, getting last minute things from walmart, prescriptions, doctor's appointments, you name it. I've been doing it. And the worst part about it: packing.

I'm normally a good packer. I can generally fit everything I need into what I can bring wherever I am going. However, trying to condense 4 months of necessities into 2 suitcases is a nightmare and I basically want to just sit in my room and cry because I am so frustrated. There is just so much I need, from stupid things like converters for my appliances to different types of clothes I need- from my business attire to casual attire to things I can sleep in. And if I'm having so much trouble fitting it now, how the heck am I supposed to get it all back when I return home in May? I'm gonna buy stuff, but at this point I have like no room in my suitcases and still more to pack. Good thing I still have a few days because I really need to figure something out. It doesn't help that my sister is also packing right now since she is leaving on Thursday and that limits my space to our small and cramped room since she is using the family room for her stuff. Yeah, it's a blast.

Seriously hating life right now.

Other news just to cheer you up, I went to the
ball drop in Buffalo for New Year's Eve. Yeah, it was alright. the event was fun. The creeper on the subway was not.

That's the ball in Buffalo. I know. Time's Square has nothing on us...

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