Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let the Freakout Commence

So. My bags are packed. My tickets are sitting next to me. I have my Visa and Euros, and have done all the necessary steps. I am ready for London. Sort of. Physically (except for a slight cold that I think is the result of anxiety and exhaustion).

Mentally, I think I am far from ready. I had a minor panic attack this morning at breakfast because Cesca was leaving and I couldn't imagine her leaving and it made me super nervous for myself.

The ride to the airport was mostly silent. My mom, Cesca and I were too nervous and excited/anxious to really talk. Now, for being the 2nd largest city in New York, the Buffalo airport is actually quite tiny. For someone who has not flown since they were 5 and barely remembers that, it is daunting. Luckily, my mother found some very nice and helpful TSA agents who talked both of us through everything. He then let Cesca cut the sort of long security line and just go through. It was nice. Then my mom and I watched her go through and walk to her gate (as I texted her like 7 things my mom wanted to remind her of). She turned, waved and was gone. Having nothing left to do there, my mother and I wandered around a bit to see where I am supposed to go on Monday. Then we left.

About halfway home my mom's phone beeped. After looking through the 103949238585 things she has, I found her phone with a voicemail. Turns out she signed up for travel alerts for Cesca's flight. The message said that her flight was delayed (it had been on time when we were there). Mere seconds later I got a call from my sister, slightly frantic as this meant she would miss her connecting flight in Philly, were she was supposed to meet and sit next to her roommate. Thankfully, everything worked out and Cesca got on a direct Philly to Rome flight (instead of going through Germany like originally planned). She is up in the air now.

Fun story of the day though was the fact that Cesca got to be on a plane with the Czech Republic Junior Hockey team. Background info: If you're unaware, Buffalo was the host of the prestigious World Junior Hockey Championships this year (USA won Bronze, Canada Silver and Russia upset to win Gold). It was kind of a big deal for this hockey town. Anyway, the tournament was over (I didn't even know the Czechs were in it) but they happened to be on her plane. She said it was interesting to listen to them, but she couldn't understand what they were saying. I texted her asking how her flight to Philly was, and she said she sat next to one of them. I asked if he was cute, and she said he was. So that's a bonus. Then I asked what she was up to and received this text:

At the food court. Saw the Czechs. Smiled at the one I was sitting with and all the other ones STARTED LAUGHING ANS SAYING STUFF AGAIN THAT I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND.

I'm sure they were making fun of him for not making a move on such a gorgeous American.

Here's to hoping my flight is less frantic but no less interesting!

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