Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update from my flat!


So, while not officially moving in until this weekend, we decided to spend some quality time in our flat today because of the WiFi availability. It is cozy and pleasant, fully furnished and comes with everything, heat, water, internet, electricity and all. We looked at another one that didn't have all of this included and the cost just kept going up. We called a few other places to no avail and then found a nice place in West Kensington. Not too far from the tube and only 2 stops away from the London Center stop.

We've had a few interesting adventures in the first 3 days.

Flying sucked. I felt horrible the last hour of the flight, probably the result of the combination of anxiety and turbulence. Not to mention the terrible exhaustion and jet lag the next day. A good 11+ hour sleep fixed that pretty quickly. Hoping the flight back is less painful.

Yesterday during flat hunting we were our way to meet an agent in West Kensington and we had to switch trains. We got off one and the other was across the platform so we tried to catch it. As Andrea was getting in, the doors slammed on her and didn't open back up. They closed instead. Guess who was behind andrea?? Oh yeah, me. To the horror of all of my friends, I was closed out of the tube. But no worries, I knew how to get to the place we were going (it was one stop, no big deal) and I just caught the next train, taking a nice leisurely ride alone and walked off the train to a chorus of relieved shouts and exclamations from my lovely friends. It is now a running joke nearly every time we are remotely close to the station, which means I will be hearing about it every day because we now live here. Great.

In other news, a British man came up to us today singing the theme from the OC and then delighted in telling us how much the Brits like Americans, then asked us to check out some website that was about taking care of children. Legit and hilarious.

We were also at our real estate agent's office, who
is awesome by the way, and a Middle Eastern guy walked out, talked to us for a bit and asked where we were from. We told him and he kept exclaiming "America! I love America!"

Yeah, we are pretty popular around here.

We just found a tray that makes ice cubes shaped like penguins in our freezer. Win.

Not much else to report, just some random pics for you!

First, quote of the day: "This drawer is a little... *bang* Uuhhhhhhh"

We fixed it, don't worry

A phone booth!

A 'Zebra Crossing'- the only safe way to cross the street

Taking pics of our flat
more to come soon

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