Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trip #1 Day Two

So. Did some homework. Not feeling dinner yet, so I'm just gonna keep going with this whole trip thing. Right. So Bath. Named after, well, the baths. Roman Baths are pretty sweet. Except we couldn't touch the water. Cause it is gross and untreated. You could taste a treated, safe version. It tasted like coppery or something. And I hate warm water. But I did it. Ha. Pictures!

Bath Abbey- Partially destroyed, but Elizabeth I wanted it rebuilt

A ladder to help the angels climb to god?

Audio tour!

Minerva's head

People used to sit here and do business and enjoy the baths and stuff!

This somehow was a heating system

Roomies at the bath!

The baths and the abbey

An entertainer in Bath. Juggling torches on a unicycle

Bought some prime fudge in Bath. Casey was excited

This guy ran by. We were confused

Then these guys went by

It was a foxhunt!

Casey captured it on video:

So. Stonehenge. It's a bunch of impressively maneuvered and placed rocks. Pretty cool. Except there's only so many pictures you can take of the stones before they all start to look the same. So we decided to be creative.

So cold. So many rocks.

Well, there it is

Because there's so many other cool things around Stonehenge to distract you.
Get it?

We decided to get a cute roomie pose

And then we made the new Stonehenge. Yeah. We are that awesome.

And then we came home. It was an excellent trip. Totally worth it. Next one is to Liverpool. Here's to hoping it isn't 0 degrees.

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