Monday, March 8, 2010

Break Time

So I'm taking a short break to go over this week again. It helps me put everything in perspective.

1.) I finished my International Essay! I don't know if it's good... It's everything she asked for, but she's kind of a crappy grader/teacher so I have no idea how this one is gonna turn out.

2.) I'm pretty sure I rocked my Italian test today because I studied super hard and I practice a lot. I mean like legit conversations in my head in Italian and translating stuff and studying hard. I REALLY want to be a TA next semester- I feel like it would be so fun!!!

3.) I'm in pretty good shape for my stats test tomorrow- I think I get the stuff better this time. I'm really trying hard, but math is not my strong point. I am determined to rock it though!

4.) Started studying for Comp. Hoping the exam is as much of a joke as the rest of the class

5.) I actually started my seminar paper. I'm really proud of it so far- comparing the journey of the guy in Jew and the Lotus to Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas? Comparing the journeys to my favorite RPG series Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts? I really feel like she'll like it. She like teaches a course on God in video games. I'm right up her ally.

6.) Macro- the one beast I haven't tackled. But we're reviewing in class tomorrow and I figure if I have any questions I can stop by his office Wednesday. I probably will be doing it anyway cause we get extra credit if we visit his office twice before break, and I've already gone once, so I feel like some extra insurance as to my grade can't hurt. I feel like his reviews prepare me well, and we're really only doing shifts in supply and demand curves so I think I can handle it...

Throw in a few extra assignments and classes and I'm free for Spring Break! I. CANNOT. WAIT. I felt really overwhelmed earlier, but I'm really working hard and managing my time well, so I feel like I can handle it, which is awesome. I think the beautiful weather is boosting my spirits too!

Currently listening to Lady Gaga- I can't get it out of my head thanks to Casey's awesome acapella group <3.

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