Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Problem with being an overachiever

I am so incredibly bored right now. I finished my Italian Composition and Comp Project. Both are due Friday. I am ahead on the reading for Honors, since I'm over halfway done with the book and still have like a week to read it. I finished my Stats reading and all I have to do is study. We didn't have homework for Macro. I'm acing that class anyway.

So, sitting here with nothing to do, as my friends are actually busy, I did my laundry. I went to the gym and worked out. I've been all over Facebook and all the other sites I normally visit. And it isn't even 5 o'clock. None of the tv shows that I watch are on right now, so I can't watch them on hulu.

I already planned next semester's schedule and have it worked out- hopefully. 18 credits. Oh boy.

The result of this boredom? I just want to nap. Because I have nothing else to do. How lame.

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