Monday, March 15, 2010

things are better

My grandma is in intensive care but has stabilized and is getting out of IC tomorrow (is it ironic the abbreviation is the same?) and my mom said she was sort of coherent yesterday. Or as coherent as she has been for the last few months.

Update- Visiting Cesca was awesome. it is totally different from Ithaca, but at the basis, she just has some cool friends that she hangs with, just like us.

I made a short video of our time together, and it will be up soon. I have to finish editing it.

Tomorrow is my birthday! I think I'm going to go to the movies in the afternoon to see Alice in Wonderland, then have dinner with my family. Wednesday I think I'm visiting my other grandma then going to see Remember Me. I'm pumped.

So that's about it. I've been traveling for half the weekend so I'm kind of jet lagged, so I'll post something more interesting when it happens...

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