Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm such a dork

I saw Alice in Wonderland today- SO GOOD!!!! I was soooo sad when she was talking to the Mad Hatter about how he wasn't real and then when she was about to leave it was so sad! But oh well, hopefully we can talk more about it at school.

Alice in Wonderland doesn't make me a dork. I think Final Fantasy does. I mean, I cried in VII when Aerith died. The ending of X usually makes me cry. I get attached to characters and their stories, and I love it.

What brings these thoughts up? Well, aside from that fact that in mere days I will be rejoined with my beloved Final Fantasy VIII for another go, my friends Ronnie and Lauren (the 2 who visited) have been playing Final Fantasy XIII and showed me the beginning. It is so cool and I wanted to talk about it, even if you guys skip this blog and don't bother, I just have to tell someone or something about it.

The game begins, as they always do, with an epic opening. Now Final Fantasy XIII has a lot to live up to, and so far, it's pretty damn awesome.

We are on a ship with prisoners for an event known as "The Purge." In the world of FFXIII, there are 2 important planets: Cocoon and Pulse. Most people live on Cocoon, and they fear the world below. Anything that comes in contact with something from Pulse must be disposed of immediately.

The Purge is happening because something major has been discovered: A Pulse fal'Cie (pronounced fahl-see). The fal'Cie are sort of mechanical gods that are responsible for certain things: there is a food fal'Cie, a machine fal'Cie, etc. The people and government of Cocoon feel that this must be destroyed, and anything involved with it must go as well, so all the people near the fal'Cie must be destroyed (The Purge is just an excuse to execute them). I'll explain the fear of the fal'Cie in a minute. Keep in mind that Cocoon also has fal'Cie, which are fine, it's the fact that this one is from Pulse that makes it bad.

We are introduced to a few key people who will eventually be the main group: first is Lightning, an ex soldier who for some reason wants to get to the fal'Cie for something important, and Sazh, who tags along with Lightning because she is strong.

Cue Snow, a man who is considered a hero in his group. He is the leader of NORA, an anti Purge group that is fighting to save the people from execution. He also desperately wants to get to the fal'Cie, no matter what the risks.

You also meet Hope, a young boy, and Vanille, a peppy young girl. Through misfortune and misunderstanding, Hope holds a grudge against Snow and follows him to the fal'Cie.

All of these people meet in the fal'Cie. It is revealed that Snow and Lightning know each other; they are after the same thing: Serah (pronounced Sarah, like our lovely friend!). Serah is Lightning's sister and Snow's bride to be. Both are desperate to save her, since a few days prior to the events of the game, Serah was turned from a normal human into a l'Cie (pronounced luh-see) by the Pulse fal'Cie.

What is a l'Cie? A l'Cie is a person chosen by the fal'Cie to perform a certain task, called a Focus. They are not explicitly told what their Focus is; at the moment when they become l'Cie, the person receives a vision of their Focus, and must figure out what it means and what to do. If they complete their Focus in time, they become a crystal and gain eternal life. If not, they become a mindless, zombie like creature. Because of the ambiguity of the Focus, becoming a l'Cie is seen as a cursed existence and l'Cie are not welcome on Cocoon.

The group doesn't know what awaits them, but in the fal'Cie, they find Serah, who whispers something to the effect of: "Save Cocoon," before turning into a crystal, though it is unclear what her Focus actually was. Snow believes she is still alive because of the stories, but Lightning does not, saying that a crystal is not alive. In their desperation to get Serah back, they and the rest of the group rush into the center of the fal'Cie and beg it to give Serah back, before Lightning gets angry and strikes it.

In a flurry of activity, the group fights for survival, however the fal'Cie, once defeated, reveals its true power and overcomes the group, grabs them, and marks them as l'Cie, giving them a glimpse of their Focus before turning itself and the rest of the city into crystal.

Desperate to save Serah and now themselves, this group of mostly strangers must work together to fulfill their Focus before time runs out, or before the government of Cocoon destroys them, for they are now enemies of the state.

And that's the gist of the beginning, or at least what I saw at Ronnie's. That's about an hour or two of the game, with plenty more to go (the average RPG play time is over 60 hours). I'm sure that since it's a Final Fantasy game, there will be numerous plot twists and crazy action before a resolution, but I'm super excited to play. Which won't be til summer, when I acquire a Playstation 3, a strategy guide, the game, and most importantly, time. I am super pumped. It looks to be an awesome game, the graphics are stunning and the plot has already sucked me in. I'm so excited to be gaming again!!!

*end dork rant* Sorry you all had to see that. Sometimes my video game geek gets the better of me!

Currently listening to "Serah's Theme" from FFXIII, cause it is just too sweet!!!!

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